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Art of translation

"In the beginning was the Word“– stated by the world´s most widely-read and oldest book – the Bible. A concise argument – both brilliant and easy to understand – that shows language to be the absolute origin of all communication between mankind.

The science of translating and interpreting (translation studies) first became an officially accepted discipline in the 18th century. For Wilhelm Humboldt, scientist, philosopher and founder of the well-known Humboldt University of Berlin, languages and their translations were an expression of thoughts and worldviews “par excellence”.

But translating isn´t just the transfer of words from one language into another. It´s always about the sharing of knowledge and culture, combined with the author´s personal touch.

Translators take on the role of (inter-)cultural mediators between the text, its author and the reader.

As can be expected, they are masters of their trade, distinguished by their rhetoric dexterity and experience with languages. They can also infuse the text with their stylish and creative ideas, combined with personal passion and high-developed instinct for the subtleness of words. All these qualities are necessary for an experienced translator to be able to let the special qualities of a client's text come across. 

At AP Fachübersetzungen, these are exactly the expectations we have for ourselves and our employees.

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