Mission & values

We do not only orientate ourselves on the customary standards in our industry but also strive to exceed them. This is why AP Fachübersetzungen is your trustworthy partner for the translation of medical, pharmaceutical, legal or technological texts, various official documents, records, certificates or protocols and simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, particularly at specialist events.


As per the saying “Trust but verify”, we implement a dual control system, which means that every text that has been translated by a language expert is subsequently checked by a native proofreader. On top of that, your documents and texts are exclusively translated by highly-qualified and experienced specialist translators.

Fast & Flexible Service

„The fastest service in the Nuremberg metropolitan area” – a very frequent rating we are extremely proud of. For this reason, we also do everything we can to support our clients on very urgent projects – even at higher workloads. Our excellent network of specialist translators and interpreters and our many years of experience guarantee an impeccable quality even with tight deadlines. Therefore, our clients do not have to worry about short deadlines or deadline changes at short notice. Especially certified translations are often needed very quickly. In this case, our team of sworn translators and interpreters can often make the impossible possible and may be able to finish the translation at the very same day.

Fairness & Professional Expertise

As a company, we strive to provide high-quality specialist translations at a fair price. “Fair”, however, does not mean “cheap” since quality has its price. AP Fachübersetzungen provides its clients with high-quality services and its translators and interpreters with performance-based compensation. Our effective price/performance ratio has already convinced numerous clients who also obtained several quotes from other translation agencies and decided to work with us in the end – thanks to our fair prices, short delivery times as well as our friendly and competent consultation.

Customer focus

No matter if it is an inquiry, quote, order placement or processing: we always advise and support our clients in all matters concerning their translation and interpreting projects. As every member of our team has linguistic experience, we can offer our clients comprehensive advice in all aspects relevant for their translation. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone, email or come by in person. With AP Fachübersetzungen, your translation and interpretation requirements are in the best hands because we combine fair prices and excellent quality with a friendly and competent customer service.

AP Fachübersetzungen - reliable without exception!

Feel free to contact us! We process all requests immediately after their receipt. You will receive a quote within a short period of time.