Our team

Alexander Podarewski
English, Russian, German
Founder, owner and Managing Director
State-certified, publicly appointed and sworn translator and interpreter for the Russian language

Oliver Deli, M.A.
Italian, Spanish, English, Romanian, Hungarian, German
Project manager and interpreter

Saskia Winkler
English, French, German
Interpreter and Translator
State-certified, publicly appointed and sworn translator and interpreter for the English language

Elena Alenina, M.A.
English, Russian, German
Project manager, interpreter and translator

Marina Winter, B.A.
English, French, Czech, Norwegian, German
Project manager and translator
State-certified, publicly appointed and sworn translator for the English language

Thomas C. Dahn, Diploma, M.A.
Hungarian, Chinese, English, French, German
Interpreting and Marketing

Lilia Cvasiuc, Diploma
Romanian, English, Russian, German
Office assistant

How does AP Fachübersetzungen stand out?

Conscientious work, absolute adherence to delivery dates, express service, friendliness, substantiated consultation, a fair price/performance ratio with outstanding ratings by our loyal clients distinguish our company as one of the most competent translation agencies in Bavaria. Thanks to our professional excellence and specialization in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, law and technology, we were able to win the trust of more than 2,000 private customers, authorities and business clients since the company was founded. This gives us the motivation to continue to dedicate ourselves to the provision of excellent specialist translation and interpretation services.

AP Fachübersetzungen - reliable without exception!

Feel free to contact us! We process all requests immediately after their receipt. You will receive a quote within a short period of time.