New Year - at different times

New Year - at different times

The Chinese "Year of the Metal Rat" begins on 25 January 2020, while the Israeli New Year already started in autumn. In Iran and Afghanistan, the New Year (Nowruz) takes place on 20 or 21 March and, like Christmas in Germany, the UK or USA, is traditionally celebrated with presents for the whole family.

Our translation agency - available at every national New Year

Five more days until the new year! Preparations for New Year's Eve are already in full swing in German, British and American households, and business people from all over the world wish their foreign partners a successful New Year 2020. But in some cases, you should be careful with your congratulations: some countries celebrate the beginning of the year not on 31 December, but - as described above - at other times.

Whenever you start the New Year, we at AP Fachübersetzungen will support you in communicating with your international business partners at any time and on any occasion.