Rental of professional conference technology

Conference, convention or factory tour in Germany: every important international event relies on professional conference technology. It considerably facilitates communication between the speakers and listeners and ensures that the participants can focus their whole attention on the content of the conversation and on their work. What makes a lively exchange of ideas and an exciting presentation possible in the first place is various technical equipment such as microphones, headphones or video conference systems.

Not only the speakers, but also the simultaneous interpreters at events like these can benefit from the latest event technology. The equipment used includes: professional tour guide systems with integrated headphones and receivers, discussion systems with microphones and loudspeakers and/or soundproof interpreting booths. Thus, you will guarantee that all participants will understand every word, no matter in which language, at an appropriate volume.

Procuring high-quality conference and interpreting technology surely involves a lot of effort and high costs for your company. That’s why our Nuremberg translation and interpreting office AP Fachübersetzungen offers you the possibility of hiring state-of-the-art event technology and takes care of its entire delivery, installation and technical support. For many years, we have been working closely with external German service providers to support you with equipment and plans for your next important event and contribute to its full success. Productivity requires interactivity – by using innovative media technology!

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