Letters of recommendation for our interpreting and translation agency

Several reputable international companies as well as high-ranking individuals (including the Danish Prime Minister and the Egyptian President) are extremely satisfied with the services of our experienced translation company AP Fachübersetzungen in Nuremberg. Our clients appreciate us in particular because of our excellent quality, punctual and reliable delivery, quick availability, and last but not least, our broad range of specialist fields (medicine, pharmacy, law and technology) and language combinations. The following companies have been particularly loyal clients for many years and warmly recommend us:

A&M Stabtest
Chemische Fabrik Berg
Merz Pharma
Teva / ratiopharm
Attorneys Thorwart (GERMAN)
Primetals Technologies Germany / SIEMENS + MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries (GERMAN)
medi (GERMAN)
Flexico Packaging
Hilliges Gipswerk
inlingua München (GERMAN)
cip marketing (GERMAN)
inlingua Ingolstadt
Kolo Agrarhandel
inlingua Würzburg (GERMAN)
Allround Service
Pastor Kerstin Kowalski (GERMAN)

AP Fachübersetzungen - reliable without exception!

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