Sworn interpreters & interpreting services

Interpreting is the oral transfer of information from a source language into a target language. Therefore, it is clearly different from translating, the written transfer of texts.

Our sworn and experienced consecutive and simultaneous interpreters will be happy to accompany you to every kind of event, such as:

  • GLP, GCP and GMP inspections
  • Medical appointments
  • Audits
  • Supervisory board meetings
  • Travels abroad
  • Appointments at authorities
  • Court hearings
  • Business meetings
  • Conferences
  • Cultural events
  • Trade fair visits
  • Notary appointments
  • Police questioning
  • Presentations
  • Training courses
  • Seminars
  • Civil wedding ceremonies
  • Factory tours

From international pharmaceutical companies and technology conglomerates to banks, hospitals, courts and authorities – we are experts in highly complex interpreting services. It does not matter whether it is an audit or an inspection by foreign authorities, contract negotiations, medical examinations or a court appointment – AP Fachübersetzungen will provide you with competent and reliable support!

Of course, we do not only offer our interpreting services for English, French and Spanish but also for Arabic, Farsi, Chinese, Croatian, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian and many other global languages. You can find interesting facts and more information about our communication languages under the menu item languages.

If you tell us your desired date as well as any necessary information about the requested interpreting job (duration, place, specialist field etc.), we can provide you with the ideal specialist interpreter for your event.

For more information about our interpreting services, please feel free to call us at +49 (0)911 – 650 08 650 (Nuremberg) or send an email to We will contact you as soon as possible.

Interesting facts and background knowledge

  • In Germany, interpreters are trained at universities or professional academies and have to speak both their native language and their working language perfectly. The training also comprises learning various interpreting techniques (e.g. note-taking) and modes (such as simultaneous interpreting) as well as the introduction to specialist fields (e.g. medicine, economics, technology).
  • The history of interpreting is still relatively unexplored. But it can be assumed that its history reaches almost as far back as that of language itself. Specific references to interpreters can be found, inter alia, in sources from ancient Egypt and later also from Greece and Rome.
  • The European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Court of Justice all have their own interpreting department. Because of the 24 official and working languages, the interpreting service of the European Parliament is one of the largest in the whole world.

Different interpreting techniques or modes are used to guarantee the best communication possible, depending on the field of application and occasion:

We would be happy to provide competent support for your special interpreting project.

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