Whispered interpreting (chuchotage)

There is also a situation-related special form of simultaneous interpreting. As the name “whispered interpreting” already suggests, the interpreter whispers the transferred information to the person for whom he or she is interpreting. For this, the interpreter sits or stands next to or behind the person.

Here again, two interpreters often work together. A difference from simultaneous interpreting in booths is that the audience only comprises 1-2 persons.

A huge advantage over simultaneous interpreting in booths, which is quite elaborate or cost-intensive in its organization and logistics, is the great spatial flexibility. Furthermore, whispered interpreting usually does not require any technical support, which often makes it a more affordable option. The downside of this kind of interpreting is the limited number of listeners.

In special cases, such as city tours or factory tours, we can provide you portable interpreting equipment, also known as a tour guide system, which transmits the “whispered translation” via headset and microphone to several people and can thus serve as a mobile alternative to the simultaneous interpreting booth.

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