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The Nuremberg-based interpreting and translation agency AP Fachübersetzungen offers its clients high-quality translation and interpreting services for the Ukrainian language. Our qualified and experienced translators and interpreters specialize in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, law and technology. Our competent and committed team of publicly appointed and sworn translators and interpreters, proofreaders, editors and project managers is also your professional and reliable partner when it comes to certified Ukrainian translations and interpreting jobs - even at short notice.

Interesting facts

  • The biggest and heaviest operating airplane in the world, the Antonov An-25 "Mriya", was developed by the Ukrainian company O.K. Antonov.
  • The Ukrainian aviation pioneer Igor Sikorsky has significantly contributed to the development of the first helicopter in the world.
  • The subway station Arsenalna in Kiev lies 105.5 m underground, making it the deepest subway station worldwide.
  • Measuring 102 m in total, the Motherland Monument in Kiev is higher than the Statue of Liberty in New York and the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Ukrainian ranked as the second most melodious language in the world after Italian.

The Ukrainian language - an overview

Ukrainian is a Slavic language from the East Slavic subgroup and belongs to the Indo-European language family.

Ukrainian is the official language in Ukraine, which is the largest country in Western Europe. About 32 million people speak Ukrainian as their native language. In addition, Ukrainian is spoken in several Western-Euopean countries and in Canada. Its writing system is based on the Cyrillic alphabet. Ukrainian writing is very similar to the Russian and Belarusian system. Further similarities can also be found in its vocabulary. Our interpreting and translation office exclusively uses language experts who know the particularities of the respective country and have expert knowledge of the pecularities of the language.

Smooth communication is a top priority, especially when dealing with authorities or other important appointments, and this depends to a large extent on the specialist interpreter. In order to avoid unnecessary problems and misunderstandings, we at AP Fachübersetzungen work exclusively with competent Ukrainian translators and interpreters who have many years of experience and impeccable references. Our strict quality management sets high standards and guarantees the perfect quality of our services. At AP Fachübersetzungen, your translation and interpreting projects are in the best of hands. Whether you need a consecutive, telephone, whisper, trade fair, simultaneous, liaison or conference interpreter or a specialist translator, you can always rely on our interpreting and translation agency.

Countries where Ukrainian is spoken:

  1. Ukraine
  2. Moldova
  3. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  4. Poland
  5. Croatia
  6. Romania
  7. Serbia
  8. Slovakia
  1. Belarus
  2. Russia
  3. Kazakhstan
  4. Israel
  5. Canada
  6. Hungary
  7. Kyrgistan

History of the Ukrainian language

There are many different theories on how Ukrainian may have developed. Until approx. the 14th century, all Eastern Slavic peoples used a common written language (Old Eastern Slavonic), which was the foundation for many other languages. One of these languages was Ruthenian, which was used in the regions of present-day Ukraine and Belarus from the 15th to the 18th century. Until the 18th century, Church Slavonic was the common written language but was then superseded by Ukrainian, which had its origins in the language commonly used.

In 1918, Ukrainian became the official language in the Ukrainian People’s Republic and later in the Ukrainian Soviet Republic as well. Since Russian was the dominating language in the Ukraine during the Soviet Regime, there are still many Russian influences in the Ukrainian language. Since Ukraine became independent in 1991, Ukrainian is the only official language within the country. Yet, Russian still plays a significant role as many Russians live in the Ukraine territory and Russian is the mother tongue of many Ukrainians. This is one of the reasons why language is often also a political topic in the Ukraine.

Grammar of the Ukrainian language

The Ukrainian language uses the Cyrillic alphabet and its grammar has many similarities to the other Slavic languages. Ukrainian also has only three tenses (past, present and future) but unlike German, it differs between the completed and uncompleted aspect. Although German and Ukrainian have multiple cases, there are only four in German while Ukrainian comprises seven. And in contrast to German, the Ukrainian language does not have any articles. Both languages, however, know two numbers and three genera.

Due to the special grammatical features of the Ukraine language, it is advisable to entrust the translation of your specialist texts or interpretation to a native speaker or very experienced language expert. Therefore, at AP Fachübersetzungen we work exclusively with certified and experienced specialist Ukrainian translators and interpreters and can thus guarantee the high quality and accuracy of your Ukrainian translation. Our interpreting and translation agency exclusively entrusts certified, publicly appointed and sworn translators with certified translations for Ukrainian.

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