Prices: This is what translations & interpreting services cost

Quality comes at a price. AP Fachübersetzungen from Nuremberg (Germany) offers high-quality services to its customers and a fair remuneration to its translators and interpreters.

The price for translations is usually calculated on the basis of the number of lines; one line consisting of 52 characters incl. black spaces. We base our cost calculations for translations on sec. 11 (3) of the German Judicial Remuneration and Compensation Act (JVEG).

We will inform you of the exact price and delivery date for a certified translation after we have examined the documents that are to be translated.

The costs for interpreting services are based on the provisions of sec. 9 (3) of the JVEG. These may vary depending on the occasion, language, field, level of difficulty and urgency of the project. In this case, we are happy to agree on an individual hourly fee. In special cases, AP Fachübersetzungen also offers daily rates.

The client bears any and all travel costs.

Please provide the necessary details relating to your inquiry in the section REQUEST A QUOTE and we will promptly provide you with an individual, free and non-binding quotation for your order.

If you commission professionals right away, there is no need for corrections later!


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