Subtitling, video transcription and translation

Apart from our impeccable translation, interpreting and editing services, we also offer video transcriptions, translate them afterwards, and create subtitles.

Subtitles in printed material (e.g. books or magazines) serve to convey additional information to the reader about the visual material. The same applies to subtitles in videos or films: if conversations in a video or film cannot be understood or are barely comprehensible, they have to be written down for the viewers. This requires a transcription of the conversations, which, if necessary, has to be translated into several languages before subtitles can be created for the video or film.

Videos and films in a foreign language very often need to be subtitled since this can greatly reduce the high dubbing costs. Thanks to subtitling, hearing-impaired people are also not only able to perceive conversations in videos and films but also sounds, such as music.

Thus, subtitles facilitate comprehension of nonverbal content and contribute significantly to communication. If you need subtitles, our experienced, competent, native and qualified specialist translators and interpreters from the translation company AP Fachübersetzungen in Nuremberg are just the right people to contact. They create professional transcriptions, translations thereof, and subtitles in several languages for any kind of video, film and visual material. To make sure that your picture is “worth a thousand words” – and that everyone will understand them, too!

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