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Interpreting & specialist translations for technology, medicine, pharmacy, law & certified translations from/into German


Our consecutive and simultaneous interpreters provide linguistic support at GMP inspections, audits, conferences, training courses, trade fairs, court appointments and notarisations.

Specialist translations

We focus on specialist translations in medicine, pharmacy, law and technology. Our medical, pharmaceutical, legal and technical translators will be happy to help with any texts within these fields.

Certified translations

Our Nuremberg translation agency employs only the best publicly appointed, state-certified and sworn translators. If you want your translations to be of the highest quality, then we are the perfect match for you.


Our specialist translators and language experts are also happy to check existing translations and assist with proofreading projects.


Spelling, grammar, style and content: our Nuremberg translation agency makes sure to add the finishing touches to your translation.


Subtitling your videos and films is no problem for our experienced linguists; our translation agency has successfully completed various large subtitling projects.

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Translators & interpreters in Nuremberg for all languages

Quality at the Nuremberg translation agency

Company profile of our translation agency

Our translation agency was founded in 2010 by Alexander Podarewski in the university city of Erlangen, Bavaria. Originally known as Leturian Übersetzungen, the translation service provider flourished and was renamed AP Fachübersetzungen in 2013. The head office was then relocated to Nuremberg in 2014, which allowed us to further expand our international network of publicly appointed, state-certified and sworn translators and interpreters.

Our initial specialist fields of economics and technology were soon complemented by medicine, pharmacy and law. The range of services of our translation agency in Nuremberg also comprises of certified translations of all certificates from and into any language. In particular, large projects for legal firms, notaries and courts (not only from Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen) often include certified translations, especially for the languages of English, Polish, Spanish, Italian, French, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian and Hungarian.

Through our interpreting service, which we offer in Germany and other European countries, we have already interpreted at various events (e.g. conferences, GMP inspections, trade fairs, meetings, training courses, factory tours etc.). Our in-house interpreters in Nuremberg (incl. simultaneous interpreters for Russian, English, Romanian, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian etc.) and our external specialist interpreters make sure that you are understood correctly – no matter in which language.

Thanks to our long-standing expertise and impeccable quality, our clients include internationally-renowned technology conglomerates and sporting goods manufacturers, reputable hospitals and law firms, numerous courts, notaries and authorities as well as various foreign industrial and pharmaceutical companies.

Company profile of our translation agency


Russian interpreting at the notary's office in Germany. The most important facts at a glance – article by APF, Nuremberg

Russian interpreting at the notary's office in Germany. The most important facts at a glance – article by APF, Nuremberg

Russian interpreters are deployed in a wide variety of official appointments – be that court summonses, medical appointments and marriage registrations at the registry office or notarial certifications. Below you will learn what to consider when planning your notary appointment in Germany for which a Russian interpreter has been enlisted.

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Anglicisms in German and the translation industry

Anglicisms in German and the translation industry

It is impossible to imagine the German language without Anglicisms, which are emerging and spreading ever faster thanks to globalization and social media. This is a phenomenon we have already addressed in our article "Anglicisms in everyday life and how they pose a challenge for translators".

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Anglicisms in everyday life and how they pose a challenge for translators

Anglicisms in everyday life and how they pose a challenge for translators

Many English terms have already become well-established in the German language. Laptop, notebook, comeback, chat, countdown, teamwork, update - every single German uses these words regularly in everyday life without further ado.

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