How to avoid faux pas with machine translations

How to avoid faux pas with machine translations

Here is a quote from a translation of an instruction manual for an electronic Christmas candle: "Turn stippling A little bit and fold it into counter stippling B to light GWK 9091". Would you know what to do in this case?

Correct translations require professional technical translators

As there often are incomprehensible sentences in technical machine translations, such as the one mentioned above, a professional language service provider becomes indispensable for a competent specialist translation of instruction manuals, technical documentation or patents.

Our Nuremberg-based translation agency AP Fachübersetzungen specializes in translating technical texts of all kinds and offers a broad terminological expertise and many years of experience in the technical field. By using the dual control system (the additional proofreading of the finished translation by a qualified editor), we guarantee that your technical manuals, catalogues or product descriptions are translated correctly into the target language in terms of expertise and linguistic style and that they can easily be understood by non-professionals. This ensures that everyone knows how to properly install their electronic Christmas candle.


Image: Dmytro Sheremeta