Nuremberg interpreting agency takes over L&K Übersetzungen

Nuremberg interpreting agency takes over L&K Übersetzungen

This year does not only see the 10th anniversary of our interpreting and translation agency in Nuremberg. We are also happy to announce an addition to our family: Since July 2020, L&K Übersetzungen in Schwäbisch Gmünd is part of our company.

AP Fachübersetzungen takes over L&K Übersetzungen

Since 2019, we have successfully cooperated with L&K Übersetzungen. So we are happy to announce that the translation agency in Schwäbisch Gmünd is now officially part of AP Fachübersetzungen in Nuremberg. Thanks to the acquisition, we were able to expand the range of our services in the specialist fields medicine, pharmacy, law and technology as well as in certified translations. In addition, the fields economy and trade, marketing, tourism and catering are now also part of our repertoire.

Professional translations for economy & trade

Thanks to globalization, international trade relations are increasing and the field of economy extends to more and more areas. Sales and production abroad become the standard. The translation of specialized texts requires more than just good foreign language skills.

Shipping documents, balance sheets, management reports, supply contracts, specialist articles, expert reports, patent documents, annual reports and extracts from the commercial register - all of these texts contain specialized terminology and expressions that have to be translated correctly into the respective foreign language. To ensure smooth trade relations and easy communication between global partners, all relevant documents have to be translated correctly and completely. It is vital that experienced specialist translators are commissioned to avoid misunderstandings in contract negotiations and obligations from the very start and to ensure that the conclusion of a contract does not fail due to a bad or inaccurate translation.

It must also be considered that economy-related and trade-related documents often contain sensitive data. Of course, we keep all documents that are given to us strictly confidential. We also oblige all our partners to comply with data protection and discretion with our non-disclosure agreement prior to any cooperation. This way, we can ensure the security of our clients’ information or data.

The challenges of translating marketing-related texts

Optimizing advertisements and marketing for other countries is all the more important for a company that is operating internationally. When it comes to translating specialized marketing texts, translators have to be familiar with the particularities of the respective countries. Simply translating is never sufficient; in most cases, the translation has to be tailored to the target market and target group.

Brochures, catalogues, websites, product descriptions, advertisements, billboards, posters and much more - an experienced specialized translator is needed to ensure that marketing texts have the desired effect. The translator not only has to ensure the correct translation into the other language, but he or she must also be aware of style and effect of the text. Marketing-related texts often have to be heavily modified to have the desired impact in the target language.

Translating marketing and advertising texts requires excellent linguistic skills, a feel for the target market and a great deal of creativity. This often poses a challenge even for experienced translators. For such projects, it is therefore always advisable to rely on translators who are specialized in marketing. It is also recommended to use a dual control system. This means that the marketing text is translated by an experienced language expert and then checked by a native proofreader. This is the best way to ensure the accuracy of the text in terms of language and content as well as the desired effect of the text in the foreign language.

Tourism & catering – specialized translations as a growth impulse

Everyone likes to read information in their mother tongue, especially when it comes to planning vacations or trips. Multilingual websites, menus, hotel descriptions and leisure activities are often crucial for the growth of a company in the field of tourism and catering.

If information is not only available in German or English, but also in Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian, for example, it appeals to a much larger international audience. Our services include the specialist translation of websites, food and drink menus and also of descriptions of hotels, holiday apartments or holiday houses in all world languages.

The tourism sector is international and globalized by nature. If you use only one communication language, you are likely to get surpassed by your competitors. It is essential to have information material translated into various languages in order to secure the sustainable growth and economic stability of a company. However, some things have to be considered in this case as well.

To achieve the best possible effect with the translation, it is in any case recommended to commission a professional specialist translator, who ensures the correct translation of the text and who can also modify the text if necessary so that it will suit the target audience. A multilingual presence allows you to stand out from the (monolingual) crowd and to ensure that potential clients will feel that they are in good hands and well understood from the very start.

Perpetual growth of our interpreting and translation agency

We are proud that, despite the corona crisis, our agency for certified translations and interpreting continues to record a steady growth. Having taken over L&K Übersetzungen from Schwäbisch Gmünd in Baden-Württemberg in July 2020, we have not only been able to extend the range of our services, but also to expand our client base.

With the metropolitan areas Nuremberg and Stuttgart, AP Fachübersetzungen now covers two economically powerful regions. Generally speaking, South Germany is an industrial powerhouse. Many large as well as small to medium-sized companies are based here. With our vast network, we are now able to assist even more companies with our services. Located close to big pharmacy and industrial companies, we are well-positioned to support our clients anytime and on short notice.

We at AP Fachübersetzungen have helped a considerable number of companies realizing their visions. Now we are looking forward to serving even more market sectors with our professional certified translation and simultaneous interpreting services. Feel free to contact us and benefit from our extensive experience and know-how.