Nuremberg translators in the era of Chemistry 4.0

Nuremberg translators in the era of Chemistry 4.0

What significance does the new development phase of the chemical industry, the era of Chemistry 4.0, have for our translation agency AP Fachübersetzungen in Nuremberg? A significant one, because professional specialist translations in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors will be in greater demand than ever in the coming years.

Why is the new era of Chemistry 4.0 particularly relevant for us as pharmaceutical translators?

For many years, the German chemical and pharmaceutical industry has played a central role in the economy, driving rapid growth and promoting innovation. However, in order to keep up with the latest developments, it has to face some fundamental challenges in the course of globalization. On the one hand, chemical products will increasingly be sold on the Asian, South American and African markets in future. The production capacities of these markets are constantly expanding, and new capacities will be gained in the foreseeable future in countries rich in the raw materials necessary for the manufacture of chemical products. These developments show that German and other Western European chemical companies have to expect more and more competition from these countries. On the other hand, their customers are also looking for more economic sustainability in the energy sector, especially through the efficient and environmentally friendly use of raw materials. This trend towards circular economies, together with digitization, will have a noticeable impact on the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in Germany until at least 2030. A completely new stage of development is dawning for the chemical industry - the era of Chemistry 4.0.

For the manufacturers of chemical products, this unstoppable structural change means that new, strict regulations for production are coming into force. In future, national and international chemical companies will require new versions of documents, such as toxicological reports, patents or material safety data sheets, which must be available in several languages for their foreign subsidiaries and partner companies. Therefore, chemical companies require a professional and reliable language service provider. The highly qualified translators and interpreters with many years of experience at our Nuremberg-based translation agency AP Fachübersetzungen specialize in the fields of chemistry and pharmacy and regularly interpret at GMP inspections, especially by Russian regulatory authorities. Owing to their extensive expertise in the pharmaceutical sector, which they have acquired in the scope of these inspections, and their excellent linguistic skills, they deliver precise and impeccable translations of chemical and pharmaceutical documents worldwide and on-time that stand out with their linguistic, technical and stylistic accuracy. Our translators and interpreters offer these services in the following languages, among others: Russian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Hungarian, French, Ukrainian, Turkish and Arabic.

Why does innovative hydrogen technology have a positive effect on our work as specialist technical translators?

The use of hydrogen technology represents a significant advance in the era of Chemistry 4.0 in terms of economic sustainability, as it enables environmentally friendly innovations in numerous branches of industry, especially in the energy sector, which could lead to a successful energy transition. In contrast to electric cars with their heavy lithium batteries, cars powered by hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells have considerable advantages: they can be fully refueled quickly, and they have a range of up to 800 kilometers with a full tank. As fuel, hydrogen is also more cost-effective than gasoline or diesel, and hydrogen filling stations are not supplied with external energy. This means that if hydrogen-powered vehicles were to be introduced throughout the country, there would be no economic dependence on oil exports from other countries and each country would be able to supply itself with hydrogen. After all, hydrogen can be produced very easily by electrolysis from water and without emitting carbon dioxide. Since the storage and transport of hydrogen poses virtually no problems and the hydrogen produced can be converted into electricity for the electrolysis necessary for its production, hydrogen technology is one of the renewable energy sources with a promising future. In view of climate change, it offers possibilities for further innovative developments to reduce CO2 pollution in major international cities. Japan is currently leading the way in hydrogen technology concepts, as the country has set itself the goal of producing around 800,000 hydrogen-powered cars and 5 million fuel cells for homes by 2030, establishing a huge market for hydrogen vehicles to be supplied to automotive companies around the world.

When introducing such highly complex technical products to other countries, the adaptation of product-specific documents and accompanying literature (e.g. driver manuals, information and presentation materials or websites) to the infrastructure and culture of the respective target market plays a decisive role. This means that versions of these documents must be written in the national languages of international customers to ensure smooth, accurate, consistent and effective communication between manufacturers and consumers. This is where we come in, as specialist translators with many years of experience in the energy sector: our Nuremberg-based translation agency AP Fachübersetzungen has counted well-known companies in the field of technology among our satisfied clients for many years, such as Neue Materialien Fürth GmbH, Siemens AG or Ocean Breeze Energy GmbH & Co. KG. In addition to the above-mentioned specialist areas of pharmacy and technology, legal and medical translations are also part of our extensive service portfolio. Just like the manufacturers of the innovative hydrogen vehicles described above, we also pay attention to maintaining the excellent quality of our end products!