Our Nuremberg translation agency celebrates its 10-year anniversary

Our Nuremberg translation agency celebrates its 10-year anniversary

Our Nuremberg translation and interpreting agency has been a well-established name in the translation industry for 10 years. From international pharmaceutical companies, technology groups, clinics, law firms, authorities to private individuals - AP Fachübersetzungen always offers high quality translation and interpreting services for its clients.

How everything started for our interpreting and translation agency…

Our translation agency was founded in 2010 by our Managing Director Alexander Podarewski in the university city of Erlangen. The success story started under the name Leturian Übersetzungen and was followed by the rebranding to AP Fachübersetzungen in 2013. Thanks to our growing client base, our office was moved to Nuremberg in 2014. This allowed us to further expand our international network of certified and experienced specialist translators and interpreters and continue to extend our client base.

Specialization of our Nuremberg specialist translation and interpreting agency

As AP Fachübersetzungen strongly focused on continuity and quality right from the beginning, it was important to us to deepen and clearly define our specialization. Due to our extensive experience in the respective fields we put our focus on medicine, pharmacy, law and technology.

Specialist medical translations from professionals

In the medical field, we work with internationally operating and leading clinics, hospitals and medical specialists, in particular. However, manufacturers of medical technology and medical devices are also among our regular clients. Our specialist medical interpreters assist during treatment discussions, therapies, medical consultations, conferences and conventions, for example. Since 2014, we have been regularly interpreting at training courses for foreign doctors, inter alia, at Medi, one of the world’s leading orthotic manufacturers based in Bayreuth. In this sector, the languages English, Russian, Arabic and Polish are particularly in demand. Naturally, we also support our clients with specialist medical translations in this field. Our range of services includes translations of clinical studies, medical reports, information protocols, diagnoses, test results, laboratory reports as well as scientific publications and presentations.

Extensive expertise in pharmaceutical translations

The highly specialized pharmaceutical field often presents translators and interpreters with particular challenges. Here several fields blend into each other: medicine, technology, science, logistics and at times even law. Our exceptional services in the pharmaceutical field include simultaneous interpreting at GMP inspections, the most demanding form of language mediation. When German pharmaceutical companies want to develop foreign markets on a grand scale, they need to ensure compliance with GMP guidelines (highest quality standards in the pharmaceutical sector). Our specialist translation agency from Nuremberg is particularly proud to count international pharmaceutical companies, such as TEVA, Chemische Fabrik Berg and many others, among our clients in this field. Additionally, we offer interpretation services for audits and staff trainings. In times of the corona crisis, where personal contact is reduced to a minimum, many interpreting jobs take place via video conferences or telephone. Here, it is important to guarantee a secure connection and audio transmission without interferences to ensure an ideal interpreting service. Specialist pharmaceutical translations of patient information leaflets, requirement specifications, guidelines and regulations as well as research reports and standard operating procedures (SOPs) are of course also part of our scope of services. Russian and English are languages which are in great demand in this field.

Specialist legal interpreters and translations

The legal field is just as versatile. Our range of services includes specialist translations of contracts, agreements, powers of attorney, patents, privacy policies, general terms and conditions, court decrees and protocols. Interpreting services (consecutive and simultaneous) are part of the daily routine in this field as well. Our customers often need specialist legal interpreters for notary appointments, court proceedings, contract negotiations, specialist events and conferences. After 10 years in this industry, we can count about 30 courts, ministries, administrative district offices and authorities among our clients. Our simultaneous and conference interpreters have already contributed to comprehensive cooperation projects with foreign enforcement and customs authorities, for example. We have also had the great honour to provide interpreting services at several discussions of state presidents and prime ministers. In our blog article about the international 2020 BVMW annual reception in Berlin, we report in detail on our experience of interpreting simultaneously for more than 3000 guests. Services like this can only be performed by the best interpreters who have a flawless command of economic, political and legal terminology.

Simultaneous interpreting and translating in the technical sector

The specialist field of technology should by no means be underestimated either. This sector is exceptionally complex due to its varied sub-areas. Therefore, it is essential to commission an experienced specialist translator or interpreter for translation and interpreting projects. The translation of manuals, brochures, datasheets, specifications, websites and technical documentations requires a high degree of accuracy and experience. Thanks to our specialization and our strict quality management, we can count international groups and technology companies among our loyal clients in this sector. Naturally, we do not only offer specialist translations but also technical interpreting services. Whether it is simultaneous or whispered interpreting at factory tours, technical trade fairs or specialist conventions - we always find the right specialist interpreter. We have already been able to prove this, for example, when interpreting at several training courses at Bosch. We are also happy to provide our clients with a complete package that includes the provision of the necessary interpreting technology.

The key to our success in the translation industry

Due to our specialization, we are always able to cater to our clients’ individual needs and to provide them with impeccable specialist translation and interpreting services. The focus on our four specialist fields has contributed significantly to our establishment and success in the highly competitive translation market. Our accommodating customer service and our continuous training have also played an important role in this. It is our aspiration to create a noticeable added value for our clients and partners - as we have been doing for the past 10 years. We are proud of our previous accomplishments and are looking forward to the next 10 years!