Profiling legend Mark T. Hofmann in Nuremberg

Profiling legend Mark T. Hofmann in Nuremberg

The insightful presentation by Mark T. Hoffmann showed employees of AP Fachübersetzungen how to read, convince and win over people, as well as how to use profiling skills and negotiation techniques in everyday business.

Managing Director of the Nuremberg-based translation agency AP Fachübersetzungen attends the highly interesting presentation

The Managing Director of the Nuremberg-based simultaneous interpreting and translation agency AP Fachübersetzungen, Mr Alexander Podarewski, attended one of the most fascinating presentations of his life on 7 October 2019: "Reading, convincing and winning people over".

Mark T. Hofmann studied Business Psychology; he is a US-trained criminal profiler. He was trained as a criminal and intelligence analyst in Washington D.C., Florida and Texas. He is an expert in profiling, forensic psychology, intelligence psychology, interrogation tactics, counter-intelligence and white-collar crime. He wrote his doctoral thesis on the motives of serial killers.

As one of the world's leading experts in his field, he is a much sought-after guest speaker at corporate events, galas and congresses - and he is not even 30 years old. His clients include banks, ministries, top negotiators, police officers and global players from different sectors. He is also known as a profiling expert through his column in the German online news magazine Focus Online. In his column, he regularly writes about profiling techniques for the business and security sectors.

The techniques used by the "Sherlock Holmes of the 21st century" are not only extremely useful for profilers, but also in business. Conference interpreter Alexander Podarewski is the owner of the Nuremberg-based translation company specializing in pharmacy (e.g. interpreting at GMP inspections and audits at leading pharmaceutical companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland), medicine (specialist translations of medical findings, information sheets, case studies, specialist interpreting during treatment of foreign patients or, for example, during training courses for foreign doctors at German clinics), law (interpreting at courts and notaries, in prisons, at police stations and public authorities, specialist translations of any legal documents, certified translations of certificates) and technology (specialist translations of manuals, installation instructions, data sheets, test reports and interpreting at technical training courses). He had the opportunity to learn how to read people, convince them and win them over, how to recognize psychopaths (less relevant for business matters) or how white-collar crimes happen. He could learn how to use profiling skills and negotiation techniques of the FBI, CIA etc. for everyday business. This event was especially interesting for executives, sales, service, HR personnel, but also for security-related professions.

Especially in times of digital change, Industry 4.0, robotics and artificial intelligence, the "human factor" is gaining importance. Social skills are more in demand than ever. Reading, recognizing, understanding, convincing and winning people over in the long term: these techniques are not only useful for the police force and secret services, but are also very helpful in negotiations, business initiations, consultations and in the daily contact with customers and employees. Hardly anyone knows more about this than Mark T. Hofmann.

The event took place at Lebkuchen Schmidt in Nuremberg and was organized by the BVMW association, of which our interpreting and translation agency is a member.