Translating and interpreting at trade fairs & exhibitions

Interpreting is the oral transfer of information from a source language into the target language. Our sworn and experienced consecutive and simultaneous interpreters are native speakers and experts in their field. We are happy to support you at events of any kind.

We also offer our service at trade fairs and exhibitions, among other events. But what exactly does a trade fair interpreter do? An interpreter who mediates between the exhibitor and the customer has skills which exceed the classic interpreting service. A trade fair interpreter (or exhibition interpreter) should also be familiar with the products and services of the respective exhibitor.

How does interpreting at trade fairs and exhibitions work?

With around 180 specialist exhibitions and thousands of other trade fairs every year, Germany is one of the most important trade fair and exhibition countries. Innovative products and services are presented and numerous international visitors come to this event. If you are an exhibitor yourself, you may know the feeling: you have piqued the interest of a potential customer or investor from abroad and have started a conversation. Although the potential customer is enthusiastic about your product, the business deal fails because of the language barrier. If you want to avoid communication obstacles, a translator or interpreter is a great advantage. Often the cost for an exhibition interpreter/trade fair interpreter is less than the cost of lost sales. But how does interpreting at exhibitions and trade fairs work? In addition to the linguistic aspects, the trade fair interpreters of AP Fachübersetzungen also take care of customer acquisition and directly approach visitors. With our multilingual interpreters, you even have the opportunity to approach visitors from distant countries such as China or Arabic states.

The challenges of interpreting at exhibitions and trade fairs

Interpreting is a particularly demanding service. Language mediators have completed many years of training and are almost constantly faced with challenges in their day-to-day work. For example, if someone talks very fast, many people talk at the same time or the speaker turns away from the microphone, this can become a challenge when translating. Professional interpreters remain calm no matter what the circumstances and have an excellent ability to concentrate. Exhibition interpreters also have extensive knowledge of the service and/or product and are able to attract new customers. At AP Fachübersetzungen, we provide you with a native speaker - only then does the communication sound authentic.

What forms of interpreting are used at trade fairs and exhibitions?

Trade fair interpreters translate either simultaneously or consecutively. With simultaneous interpreting, the source language is translated into the target language in real time. This method of interpreting belongs to the ultimate form of language mediation and is even one of the most complex forms of human communication. Simultaneous interpreting requires maximum concentration and attention as well as a sophisticated interpreting technique. After you have only spoken a few words in your language, the simultaneous interpreter already starts translating. It is important that what is being said is conveyed in the correct sense, not translated word for word. By commissioning a simultaneous interpreter, you ensure that your product presentation runs smoothly due to the short delay in the translation.

In contrast to simultaneous interpreting, speech segments are translated with a time delay in consecutive interpreting. Speech segments are noted down with a special note-taking technique and the essential points are then translated into the customer’s target language, using these notes. The interpreter does not start speaking until you have finished your message or make a pause. This form of interpreting also distinguishes between two types: unilateral and bilateral consecutive interpreting. In the unilateral version, the language mediator translates into only one language and the speech segments are longer. In the bilateral version, the interpreter translates into both languages.

Are you looking for an interpreter to support you at your next exhibition at a trade fair? Then our interpreting service is the perfect partner for you. Our trade fair and exhibition interpreters are native-speaking experts and have the required expertise. We also offer support at GMP inspections and audits, conferences, trainings as well as court appointments and notarizations. We offer our interpreting services in a wide range of world languages. Get in touch with us and we will provide you with the suitable specialist interpreter!

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